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Newsletter May 2022

Music Teachers’ Association of California


I hope everyone is enjoying the sunny days and beautiful flowers of spring. We are heading towards the end of our fiscal year with just the May recital and presentation

of the RRYAC winners to wait for. We presented a few monthly recitals, an intimate adult recital, a noteworthy and remarkable CM Honors recital (!!!), an against-all-odds- successfully-facilitated RRYAC, and a couple of well- organized B&N events which not only raised money for our programs, but also opened the opportunity for our students to enjoy performing live for our community. I especially thank Carole, Catherine, Eric and Sharon for heading these performance events with zest and determination.

I also thank the board members for their service to our branch this year. Their commitment and dedication to the organization and its membership is apparent in our every meeting. Please contact any of us if there is anything you would like to see happen in the next year. Let me know as well if there is anything you would like to be discussed at the June general meeting 2 weeks prior, so the board can prepare for any information we may need
to offer.

Lastly, I thank you all for being part of this organization. Your participation (present and future) in our events is very much valued, appreciated and needed. Please don’t hesitate to come forward if there is anything you want to help our branch with – it will be greatly appreciated.

I wish you all the best in your upcoming studio recitals. I am looking forward to seeing you all on June 12 at our general meeting!

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Your Recital committee needs HELP!!

Our last monthly student recital will be on May 21, and will feature the winners of our Rachel Reilly Young Artist Competition. LMC is still closed to outside groups, so we need to find a venue FAST!! Brentwood United Methodist offered us their space for the competition, but we haven’t heard from them regarding the 21st. If you know of a space we could use, please let Catherine know ASAP. In the meantime, entry deadline for student performers is this Saturday, April 14, but she will as usual accept a few late entries. If we cannot find a venue, we will have to do zoom, but students can play live from their homes or teachers’ studios if they would rather do that than send in a video.

Rachel Reilly Young Artist Competition

Was held on April 30 and was a huge success! Judges Matilda Hofman and Lino Rivera were very impressed with our students, especially the lower grades! Chair Eric Thompson said the level of playing and polish, especially with the lower category, was the best he has ever witnessed! Congratulations to the winners, who will be featured in our next monthly recital (LIVE) on May 21:

For grades kindergarten through 8 (Category I):
1st Place is Katherine Xuzhao (studio of Vicki Fawns) 2nd Place is Esah Shirgul (studio of Vicki Fawns)

For grades 9 through 12 (Category II):
1st place is Lizzy Teryoshen (studio of Sara Harris) 2nd Place is Angelina Marie Arcaina

(studio of Grace Macatangay Edwards)

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Speaking of the General Meeting in June, please JOIN US on Sunday, June 12, 3PM Pacific time for our Annual Spring Membership Meeting, to be held at Grace’s home and via Zoom. Please bring some hors d’oeuvres to share (finger food). We will recap the past year and begin to plan for the next. Please give some thought to this: Why do you belong to the MTAC, and our branch specifically? What is your WHY for belonging to our Branch?

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If dues are not received by July 31, membership will not be renewed by that date, which may result in ineligibility to participate in Certificate of Merit®.

You may also submit a branch transfer request during your membership renewal process until July 15.
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