Certificate of Merit

The Certificate of Merit program is a system of music study and evaluation in performance, theory, technique, sight reading, and ear training, providing a wonderful way to establish goals and progress for music students of MTAC teachers.

Certificate of Merit (CM) is the longest-established music study program of its kind in California.  As a testament to the outstanding dedication and competence of MTAC teachers, CM is fully administered and operated by MTAC Branches and CM teacher-volunteers, as organized and led by each Branch’s CM Chair.  CM could not accomplish such a high level of musical excellence without this cooperation and support.

Delta Branch CM Chair – Catherine Thompson (catherine@thompsonmusicstudio.com)

Certificate of Merit 2020 for the Delta Branch will be held on February 22nd and 23rd, at LMCC.

Certificate of Merit Honors Recitals will be held on March 7th.  Students recommended for Delta Branch Honors must have achieved the following on their CM testing:

CM Level 3 and above eligible

all piano pieces must be memorized

only ratings of 5+, 5, 5- will be accepted

“All pieces well prepared” must be “yes” from the evaluator

Technique – good or excellent

Sight Reading – average, good, excellent

Theory score – 80% or above

Timing of piece for Honors Recital – no longer than 5 minutes (or cut to fit time)

Certificate of Merit Registration is October 1-31, 2019.

For more information, please access the State MTAC website at www.mtac.org/programs/performance/certificate-of-merit