Resource Library


Library materials can be checked out any time by phoning or

e-mailing the Library Committee Chair, Barbara Schnieder.

Materials must be returned within two weeks of checkout..


Visiting Clinicians Videotapes

Master Class, Lecture, Recital – Mark Steiner, Feb. 4, 1995

Master Class:  Chopin Mazurkas, Arlene Woehl, Jan. 25, 1997 (2 copies)

Diane Hidy Lecture, Feb. 7, 1998 (2 copies)

Master Class with Roy Bogas, Jan. 22, 2000

Master Class with Dr. Betty Woo, Jan. 2001

Master Class with Nancy Fierro, Jan. 19, 2002

Master Class with M’Lou Dietzer, Feb. 8, 2003



Conversations with Frances Clark, Her Life and Teachings, Vol. 1

Memorization in Piano Performance, Stewart Gordon

Nelita True at Eastman

Portrait of a Pianist-Teacher, Vol. 1 (2 copies)

The Studio Lesson, vol. 2 (2 copies)

Technique Through Listening, Vol. 3 (2 copies)

Principles of Style for the Young Pianist, Vol. 4

Performance Practices

In Baroque Keyboard Music, Maurice Hinson

In Classical Piano Music, Maurice Hinson

In Romantic Piano Music, Maurice Hinson

In Impressionistic Piano Music, Maurice Hinson

In Early 20th Century Piano Music, Maurice Hinson

In Late 20th Century Piano Music, Steward Gordon

Practical Pedagogy, Dr. Martha Baker-Jordan



Mastering Piano Technique, Seymour Fink (2 copies)

Freeing the Caged Bird, Barbara Lister-Sink


Books and Manuals

Advanced Piano, 28 Articles on Advanced Piano by Earle C. Voorhies

Harmony, Discord, and Panache (A History of MTAC 1894-1997)

Improvisation, Syllabus and Guide (MTAC)

Sample Studio Policies (MTAC)


CM Honors Recitals 1991 (2 copies), 1992 (1 copy)

Branch Spring Centennial Teachers’ Recital, May 17, 1997

Branch Centennial Students’ Recital, May 3, 1997



Rhythm Bingo 1& 2

Bingo – CM Level 1 (Halloween theme)

Music Listening Bingo with CD

Toss-a-Cube (2-15 rhythm symbols)

Time Out (rhythm dictation)

Key Signatures Concentration

Composers Card Game

Melody Bingo

Nifty Notes

Tic Tac Chords

Forward March (general theory, mixed levels can play together)

Laminated keyboards – 10

Laminated grand staves – 10

Note Nabber

Slap Me Silly

Spoons (primary triads)

Wacky Walter #2 (ledger lines)

Wrap-ups (self-correcting theory games)




Basic Music Theory (copy-able worksheets)


Video Tapes

Mozart (an A & E Biography)

Behind the Scenes (Max Roach – rhythm)

Mozart (Dennis Kobray stars as Mozart –- 54 min)

Beethoven Lives Upstairs (an award-winning film –- 52 min)

Sparky’s Magic Piano (elementary grades)

Bach’s Flight for Freedom (Bach as a young man –- 60 min)

Heroes of America (Sousa, Foster, Blues artists, etc. –- 25 min)

Tune Buddies tapes

Getting-to-Know Instruments

Percussion        The Woodwinds

The Strings       The Keyboards

The Brass

Developing Technique and Musicianship in Young Piano Students (Amanda Vick Lethco)